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Adrenalin Powersport - Your Suspension Specialist

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Adrenalin Powersport - Your Suspension Specialist

Adrenalin Powersport was founded in March 2011 and has experience of 14 years in motorcycle excellence.

We specialize in Servicing, Race Preparation, Suspension Tuning, Performance Upgrades, Track Support but most of all: Customer Satisfaction!

Because Your Satisfaction is our main aim, we will spend a day with you on the track after your suspension service, to make absolutely sure the bike is set up perfectly for you and your riding style.

Adrenalin Powersport - Your Suspension Specialist

Welcome to Adrenalin Powersport

Adrenalin Powersport - You Suspension Specialist

Having the correct Suspension Setup is of utmost importance for an optimal performance of your bike. No matter what bike, it will only perform to a very small percentage of its capabilities directly out of the box.

Setting up your suspension is something completely depending on your weight and the way you caress the throttle and brakes. Each setting is very personal.


Let the Suspension Specialist of South Africa help you and win extra seconds on the track!

Suspension setup

Adrenalin Powersport is headed up by Leroy Rich. He has over 14 years of experience, most of which was attained at Yamaha SA. His qualifications include Yamaha Academy Certificate, Penn Foster American Motorcylce Diploma and various additional courses.


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